Way we work.

There is a limit for all natural resources around the world. Nothing is endless. Along with that, the capacity of waste that our planet can hold is restricted. As we recycle we leave today for better future..

What we do?

We reprocess various types of waste in to a higher-grade raw mateirals. Final left overs are being disposed under regulations.

What we get?

"We get any kind of plastics waste such as PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS etc. and many other kinds of waste materials.

How we get?

We have internal commnunication throughout Europe. We come fulfil regulations and sign contracts at your location.

What we produce?

We produce regrinded plastics and reprocessed pellets. Available types are PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP.

Our Service Areas

We are active in European Union and Turkey. We serve mainly to Europe and Far East.

The Process

"Environment Protection Control". We do care for the environment and human & animals health and we do mean it! We have all tests and on site check-ups by the related institution(s) to keep up with the necessary laws and requirements.

Areas we serve.

We produce & supply regrinds and also chips ( pellets ) for film, blow molding, injection and fiber industry.

The Process

We collect, sort, process, produce. We have set offices in France, Sweden, India, China and we have recycling and production factories in Turkey.


We collect all types of waste material and we bring them to our plant in Turkey.



Water for purposes of washing or rehydration We carefully seperate every item by their classification.



We process the mateiral we have sorted in to grinded material than in to pellets.



We distribute ready to use raw material to final destinations.


We manage your waste.

We are here to give the C.Q.S.P. ( Consistent Quality, Service, Reproduction Rate ).

Business Waste

We collect, seperate, recycle industrial waste and dispose what is left safe way for the environment.

Municipal Waste

We work with municipal waste collection companies to seperate and re-earn recyclable parts.

Recycling Service

We have integrated recycling facilities for textile, plastic wastes run under international laws.


We turn textile waste to be fiber, re-useable fabrics and we turn plastic waste to be regrinds or pellers to re use in the industry.We do all in house.

We are here all the time.

We are reachable 7/24 round the clock as needed. waste@recycleforworld.com +90 532 138 51 25

We welcome you!

We will always be very happy to see you in our factories and offices. And we will be pleased to visit you in your premises as well.

Our Skills

We produce high quality regrinded material and chips.

Response Time


Production Quality


Shipment Timing


Sample Matching


What is What?

We get mixed, sorted plastics by their clasificaiton to recycle. We have a company in France and Turkey. We can send our truck and colect the material from yoursite within EU by paying locally in Europe or you can directly export us.
We produce and sell, PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS regrinds, pellets for broad raneg of industries from automotive to pipe produciton.

HDPE Granules

We produce HDPE flakes and granules, which are suitable for production of profiles, pipes, membranes for construction, cable ducts, containers for liquids etc.

LDPE Granules

We produced LDPE Regrinds and LDPE recycled chips which we produce are used in broad range of products. We wash, filter, degasses and homogenize the raw material. LDPE chips are are available in different colors, MFIs, densities.

PP Granules

We have broad range of PP for injection molding and extrusion.

PET Flakes

We separate all PET bottles received color (clear, light blue, multicolor), than we cut them in to small pieces and we hot wash them to get ready to be shipped to its final destination. Than they are being used to produce automotive, packaging, textile fiber, thermoforming and containers.

HDPE Regrind

As required we supply soprted by color or mixed color HDPE regrinds.

LDPE Regrind

As required we supply soprted by color or mixed color HDPE regrinds.

PP Regrind

As required we supply soprted by color or mixed color HDPE regrinds.

What we can do together

We can buy your waste!

-Send in your request! / We will be pleased to work on it.

We produce high quality chips on consisttent basis. We will be happy to part of your company.

-Need more quality but less cost! / Send in your request lets us tell you what we can do for you.

We need your trash. / We make it useful.

We take all types of plastics and return back them to life. We will be pleased to assist you on how to dispose of your waste safe way.

Have a question or need a more information?

Please write us an email at web@theleathertannery.com or please call +90 532 735 04 35